This is the post excerpt.


Stuck in a place between heart and head

I try to find a way ahead

The head knows only logic

The heart craves for magic

The battle between the two

Leave me with thoughts that are new

But still to decide

I must put my confusion aside

I wish these two make amends

Help me out like good friends

When the heart’s optimism

Meets with the head’s realism

Thats when the golden mean is met

Thats when I am at rest



She wants it. She craves for it.

She searches for it everywhere.

Somebody tells her happiness is always inside you.

She looks confused.

Inside her? There is nothing inside her.

She feels like a frozen lake.A thick sheet of solid ice on top of the chilly liquid.

Her emotions are hidden well beyond her reach. Emotions wild and turbulent . Emotions capable of wrecking everything she has known. But she is numb.

If she tries to prick at the surface there is a possibility that the ice will break and drown her entirely.

So she tries to stay away. But it is not entirely possible. She is fascinated . She is curious. She wants to reach to the water below.

Sometimes she feels reckless enough to try and break the ice with all her might and drown in the unknown but at the last moment fear takes over and she backs out.

She circles the lake again and again. Waiting for the season to change. Waiting for the ice to melt by itself.

But the Gods smile to themselves.

They know she has to take the step herself.

She has to drown herself completely and then emerge.

So they just wait and watch.